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Kevin Hoffman's Blog I was sitting down the other night contemplating what I was going to do for a good sample iPhone application when I realized, I'm not just building an iPhone application anymore. That's right - I'm actually building applications that work on the iPod Touch as well. Seriously, let's run this down bullet-style: iPod touch comes with Wi-Fi access iPhone comes with Wi-Fi access and EDGEiPod touch comes with Safari iPhone comes with SafariiPod touch has multi-touch interface, which includes tapping, pinching and flicking iPhone has multi-touch interface So, for those of you who were on the fence about building iPhone applications using Web 2.0 technologies, think about this: Your potential list of application users is about to grow beyond users of the iPhone, and will include a crapload of people buying new iPods. If you think about the ubiquitous nat... (more)

Why is O'Reilly Condoning iPhone Hacking?

Being knee-deep in iPhone Web Development at the moment, I find myself typing the word 'iPhone' into google quite a bit. Also, for giggles, I tend to check Amazon.com frequently for keywords for upcoming books I would like to see. The main reason for that is Amazon seems to know about newly registered ISBNs well before inventory tracking systems from brick-and-mortar stores do... so searching there seems like a logical choice. The other night I was looking to see what people were doing with regard to iPhone development and I saw a title from O'Reilly entitled "iPhone Open Application Development". From the description of the book,it describes how to create native applications for the iPhone using existing open iPhone application development frameworks. What the book description doesn't tell potential readers is that to run that code, readers would need to hack/jail... (more)

Virtualization, iPhone and Microsoft

Reiser's Sentencing Delayed There's been a delay in sentencing Linux programmer Hans Reiser for the murder of his wife. It was supposed to happen Wednesday but apparently plea negotiations over reducing his sentence to second-decree murder - put into play when he led the cops to the body - haven't finished. If Reiser holds up his end - he's supposed to confess how he killed her and agree not to appeal - it'll mean 15 years to life rather than 25. The new hearing date is August 29. Microsoft Licensing in Flux Microsoft is expected to change its licensing policies on August 19 and drop a restriction that requires that software running on virtual machines stay on physical servers for three months. Rumors of Two AMDs Return Speculation is making the rounds again that AMD's long-promised asset lite strategy will see the company split in two: a chip development operation ... (more)

iPhone Developer's Journal - AppleInsider Reveals Details of My WWDC Presentation

Here is the complete article in case you haven't yet seen it. There are a couple of interesting things going on here that I want to discuss. First is the issue of NDA breaking. I've been asked about this a LOT, especially with regard to iPhone development. It seems that though pretty much everyone on the planet thinks the iPhone SDK NDA is unreasonable and that Apple should lift it and blah blah. Here's my thoughts on NDAs in general: An NDA is something that you volunteer for, it is willful act, you must choose to agree to the terms of the NDA. No one is forcing you to do it, there are no guns pointed at your head. If you do not like or agree with the terms of the NDA, then do not sign it. However, if you do choose to sign it, then, in my opinion, you lose the right to bitch and moan about the fact that you cannot divulge privileged information. We all knew what we... (more)

Opinion: Do Google Android Mobile Apps Lack Consistency?

Remy Porter's Blog I love Open Source. It's a great way to develop software. But it has its weaknesses. One of the main weaknesses is consistency. Take a look at these Android apps. When you look at these applications for the Google backed smartphone OS, what you'll see is a complete lack of consistency in the look and feel of applications. I've done a little work with iPhone app development. I'm an avid user of a wide array of other iPhone apps. Apple provides a pretty standard set of UI widgets. There's some variation; the slider control looks different depending on where it's used, for example. Those variations are largely cosmetic. If you want to have tabs in your application, there's a built-in tab control. It rests at the bottom of the screen as a set of buttons. Every app that wants to have tabbed screens will use the same widget and the same family of control... (more)

i2Telecom Submits MyGlobalTalk to iPhone App Store

i2Telecom International announced that its mobile phone solution, MyGlobalTalk, has been submitted to Apple for inclusion on its iPhone App Store. MyGlobalTalk is a free downloadable application that will allow iPhone users to place inexpensive phone calls to destinations anywhere in the world for as little as two to three cents per minute via their carriers' cellular voice networks. This contrasts sharply with the current methods in which users place regular calls via their mobile phone service providers at prices that can easily reach or exceed one dollar per minute when calling locations outside of the U.S. MyGlobalTalk, i2Telecom's internally developed patent-pending technology, is a new and advanced mobile VoIP application for the wireless handset market. MyGlobalTalk places Internet telephony in the hands of every cellular phone user, independent of wireless... (more)

Mailtrust to Provide Contact Sync Capabilities with iPhone

Mailtrust, the email division of Rackspace Hosting, announced their backup and synchronization capabilities with the iPhone. Mailtrust has released its new Noteworthy sync for iPhone tool, enabling customers to have access to their critical contact information on the go. Since the iPhone's launch in 2007, Mailtrust has provided both their Hosted Exchange and Noteworthy customers with email sync capabilities, with Hosted Exchange customers also having access to calendars, contacts, and tasks. Now Noteworthy users will also be able to synchronize their contacts. As with all iPhone apps, the Mailtrust Sync Application will be available for download from the iPhone App Store. After downloading, Mailtrust customers can sync contacts between their device and Mailtrust's Noteworthy platform in seconds. As Apple continues to develop tools to allow synchronization of other f... (more)

Boxee Continues To Innovate With API And New Alpha Version For Mac, Apple TV

Free entertainment hub Boxee keeps on getting better and better. A couple of hours ago, the venture-backed startup released a full API that allows developers to build applications for the open-source platform using a set of API calls in Python and writing the GUI using XML. At the same time, the company is laying the groundwork for a richer App Box, which it refers to as an open application store where they are not the gatekeeper (like Apple for its iPhone App Store) but rather a facilitator. Heck, they’re even prepared to act as middleman for connecting freelance web developers with companies looking to leverage their API. Hard not to love that type of company. Boxee is today also introducing a new test version of the Boxee alpha version for Mac and Apple TV (get it here for Intel Mac OS X 10.4+), adding two applications that were built using the brand new API. The... (more)

The Future of Software Is The Cloud Application Marketplace

Recently there has been a renewed interested in Cloud Application Marketplaces. This is a repost Originally Posted Sunday, September 7, 2008 Cloud computing isn't a management model so much as a software delivery paradigm. What Apple has done with its App Store is show the world that the key to monetizing the cloud is in the delivery of the key applications and assets (music, video, ringtones) through a simple and accessible channel. With the series of recent announcements from a variety of mobile providers an exciting and potentially lucrative area in cloud computing appears to be emerging. In recently Microsoft, Google and T-mobile and others have all announced efforts to create what I am calling "cloud marketspaces" for the delivery of mobile software using a similar model to that of Apple's iPhone App Store. If successful, these new cloud marketspaces may signify a... (more)

Need A Witty “App For That” Phrase? There’s An App For That.

I’m a big fan of coming up with ridiculous “App For That” headlines. You know, the kind that mock Apple’s iPhone App Store commercials that basically proclaim there’s an app for everything you could ever possibly want to do. So it brings me great pleasure today to report that the next time I need one of those headlines: There’s an app for that. App For That, is a website that gives you a series of user submitted “App For That” jokes, which you can vote on, tweet out, email, etc. The service looks like the iPhone’s text app, with submissions written in chat bubbles. Below that is a submission form for your own jokes. Oddly enough, this is a web app, and not an actual iPhone app. (Come on guys, get on that — the joke cannot come full circle until you have one.) But here are a few of my favorites: “If you just murdered your friend and need to find the nearest city dump,... (more)

iPhone Developer Summit 2009 West - Call for Papers

From a starting-point of just over 500 when it launched in July 2008, Apple's App Store already has about 30,000 applications available and downloads have surpassed 1 billion. So it's no surprise that SYS-CON's iPhone Developer Summit, already in its third year, has been receiving many excellent proposals from qualified expert speakers for the upcoming West coast event, being held September 22-23 in San Francisco. The submission URL for speaking proposals is here. For those who are trying to stake a claim for greater prominence in the iPhone app economy, this is an excellent event to speak at. Submissions on the most timely aspects of iPhone development as well as iPhone applications are currently welcome, including those on subjects such as: Web Development for iPhone SDK Development for iPhone iPhone Development tools 101 How do I get my iPhone Application accepted ... (more)