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We have had a few months to get to grips with iOS4's release on iPhone. I am sure you are like me and could not live now without this release, with its UI features of folders and task switching as well as Apple's implementation of Multi-tasking. What I am also sure about is that, if you are and iPad user, also like me, you will believe the iOS4 release for the iPad is long overdue. Switching between devices, iOS4.1 on the iPhone and iOS 3.2.2 on the iPad, is like changing between two pairs of glasses with different prescriptions and views! After a While it can make your world spin! Hooray... we do not have to wait long, with the promised date of November for iOS 4.2 and the betas already being exposed to registered iOS developers. What I am seeing in my GEO is the steady adoption of the iPad by the corporate users, but with iOS4.2 in place I expect to see this Enterpr... (more)

Announcing Rapid Protect - A Comprehensive Mobile Application Geared to Address the Safety and Security Needs of the Families Worldwide

Princeton Jct, NJ, October 21, 2011 --(PR.com)-- In a rapidly changing security environment with all kinds of natural and manmade threats around us, the well being of family members is a major concern for all of us. To address this growing need of family safety, Rapidsoft Systems announces the launch of RapidProtect - a comprehensive mobile application suite geared to address the safety and security needs of the families around the world. The application is currently available on iPhone with Android, Blackberry, Brew and J2ME applications to be released shortly. Many families rely on the Rapid Protect application to help them stay connected to their children or elderly family members wherever they go. Moreover, there are many features available in this application which helps parents to get a better sense of their children's whereabouts when they're away. The applic... (more)

iPhone Developer's Journal - AppleInsider Reveals Details of My WWDC Presentation

Here is the complete article in case you haven't yet seen it. There are a couple of interesting things going on here that I want to discuss. First is the issue of NDA breaking. I've been asked about this a LOT, especially with regard to iPhone development. It seems that though pretty much everyone on the planet thinks the iPhone SDK NDA is unreasonable and that Apple should lift it and blah blah. Here's my thoughts on NDAs in general: An NDA is something that you volunteer for, it is willful act, you must choose to agree to the terms of the NDA. No one is forcing you to do it, there are no guns pointed at your head. If you do not like or agree with the terms of the NDA, then do not sign it. However, if you do choose to sign it, then, in my opinion, you lose the right to bitch and moan about the fact that you cannot divulge privileged information. We all knew what we... (more)

Opinion: Do Google Android Mobile Apps Lack Consistency?

Remy Porter's Blog I love Open Source. It's a great way to develop software. But it has its weaknesses. One of the main weaknesses is consistency. Take a look at these Android apps. When you look at these applications for the Google backed smartphone OS, what you'll see is a complete lack of consistency in the look and feel of applications. I've done a little work with iPhone app development. I'm an avid user of a wide array of other iPhone apps. Apple provides a pretty standard set of UI widgets. There's some variation; the slider control looks different depending on where it's used, for example. Those variations are largely cosmetic. If you want to have tabs in your application, there's a built-in tab control. It rests at the bottom of the screen as a set of buttons. Every app that wants to have tabbed screens will use the same widget and the same family of control... (more)

Apple Approves First Official Porn Star App for iPhone

GrindHouse Mobile Inc., the premier technical provider for adult mobile application development, including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian OS, Palm, Windows Mobile and others, has just launched "Version 1.0" of the first and only official pornstar iPhone® application for Sunny Leone and the official application for adult nude super star Aria Giovanni. Both of these brand new sexy apps are available now in the Apple iTunes® store. Adult super star Sunny Leone's first app, the free "lite version" that offers exclusive pictures, a blog and video clips, is now available. Version 2.0, a premium version with more features, photo sets and videos is currently awaiting approval. Version 2.0 is packed with all new interactive features, games, blogs and ways to contact Sunny right from your phone, plus tons of additional high quality exclusive content. When asked about her... (more)

I Have Got The Ultimate Mobile Device... Now Just For One Small Step Further

In my last article, which set and solved the problems for an On-the-Road Information Worker (Insurance Assessor). I told what Enterprise Mobility could achieve with cool software and hardware. Now taking the story one step along would rock.... leaving a printed document! Even now, a few years after I saw and bought the Brother MW-140BT it still looks a cool. With the Bluetooth Mobile Printer (MW-140BT) alongside the Apple iPhone, they look like a partnership made in heaven... but that is where the vision currently stops. As far as I know the iPhone Bluetooth stack is not as fully featured as it could be. On switching on my iPhone's Bluetooth in the office, I was able to see a few Macbook's & PC's but that was it... bummer :-( A cry for help... I have got the Ultimate Mobile Device... I can build cutting-edge Mobile Applications... Now just for one small step furthe... (more)

Getting Knowledge Through Shared Experiences

PBDJ Blog on Ulitzer Many years ago I was one of the first developers in EMEA to get to grips with a new RAD Client/Server tool called PowerBuilder, just after V1.0. By the way PowerBuilder is now on V11.5 and still going strong. PowerBuilder itself, as well as the client/server windows development paradigm, was a revelation as well as a big learning curve. What made it more manageable, along with a great education program, was that around the globe like minded PowerBuilder newbies were forming user groups, through the help of PowerSoft. I was lucky enough to be one of the early members of the PBUG (PowerBuilder User Group) in the UK and it made a lasting impression on me. An impression that had collaboration as its cornerstone and one that would surface again this year... Collaboration - Getting knowledge through shared experiences & learning key niche areas throu... (more)

Will Apple Be Transforming Mobile Computing?

I have been totally excited since the booking of the Moscone West by Apple for January 27 and believe, like most of the industry followers, that Apple will be announcing their tablet/slate device. Whilst digging around I came across this great video that shows how fantastic such a device could be used in the areas of education and show some innovations that such a device could bring to students in the new decade. Could we now be on the edge of a totally e-classroom, that not only allows the student to carry e-books etc (such as in the video) but allows electronic submission of work and central management of timetables & attendance etc? If I believe what my iPhone 'Spidy' Sense is telling me, I think January 27 will bring added support for the new device, to the iPhone/Cocoa SDK and with so many apps already out there on the Apple App Store, the new device will sure... (more)

Consolidation of iPhone Applications?

iPad on Ulitzer A few days ago I was watching the TV News in the evening and as usual lately, there was coverage of a company acquisition, nothing new there... But then following that story was an iPhone related story about great new apps... again nothing new (I'm always expecting those stories). The close proximity of the stories got the 'old grey matter' thinking... How many different takes on the same idea can co-exist? Will we see applications be purchased and technology acquired? Will this help the App Store? In July 2007 I wrote an article entitled "App Store Will Have to Evolve" that in conclusion stated... "It is my belief that the level of Mobile Applications will increase... as Apple state, "there's an app for just about anything'" and it is the 'just about' that in itself  is driving iPhone users to demand more! I also think that this increase, in the level o... (more)

Apple Sells Three Million iPads in 80 Days; One Million in Last 20 Days

In another remarkable surge, Apple said Tuesday that it had sold another million iPads in the last 20 days. That makes three million since the widget went on sale in the US 80 days ago, 375,000 a day. Currently available in America, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan, iPad sales will expand to another nine countries next month. Apple said there are now 11,000 apps that take advantage of iPad’s Multi-Touch user interface, large screen and high-quality graphics. It will also run most of the 225,000 apps in the App Store, including ones already purchased for the iPhone or iPod touch. The news came two days before the new iPhone 4’s formal launch. The phone is already up 600,000 first-day pre-orders that swamped AT&T provisioning system. The thing was blessed by the Wall Street Journal’s widget arbiter Walt Mossberg Tuesday. After testing the phone he ... (more)

1.7 Million iPhones Sold in Three Days

Apple said Monday that more than 1.7 million of the new iPhone 4 had sold between Thursday when the device, now apparently in spotty supply, hit the stores and closing time Saturday. It's unclear whether the historic number includes the 600,000 the company said had been pre-ordered. In a statement CEO Steve Jobs said, "This is the most successful product launch in Apple's history. Even so, we apologize to those customers who were turned away because we did not have enough supply." The white version of the phone isn't available at all right now because of some production glitch. Apple sold a million of the iPhone 4's 3G predecessor in its first three days last year. The iPhone 4 has been selling in the U.S., UK, France, Germany and Japan and is supposed to be available in another 18 countries by the end of July - namely Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, ... (more)