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How very cool to see that an iPhone Application for SAP Business One get featured in a top story in the Silicon Alley Insider.  Although, this was a list of the most expensive iPhone apps. To check out the original story go here: The 10 Most Expensive iPhone Apps (AAPL) To see the iPhone app in action, view product features, or buy it, go here: MATG SAP Business One To check out the app's publisher, go here: My Accounts To Go To check out the full story, click the title of the post or click Read More below. ... (more)

Skill Set of an Enterprise Mobility Developer?

Following on from my articles on thoughts and findings of Enterprise Mobility, I have decided to delve a little deeper into the area of development. In particular I thought it would be fun to put down what I believe could be the skill set or attributes, of an Enterprise Mobility Developer, in addition to the skills and attributes that any Enterprise Developer needs. An Enterprise Mobility Developer should... Be aware of device and OS constraints Be aware of device and OS capabilities Be aware of bandwidth limitations Be aware of what makes sense to mobilize, with regard to functionality and datasets of the original 'legacy' system Be familiar with possibilities for data movement and data storage Realize that designing and building a mobile application changes the initial GUI design and experience phase from 25% to 60% (Check out this article) Keep up to date with ... (more)

Is the iPhone Now Enterprise Ready with Citrix Receiver 2.0?

If you run an IT shop today you probably fall into one of two categories: A. You already allow employee access from an iPhone ( supported or not ) or B. You are constantly barraged with employee requests to allow iPhone access ( and the employee might be your boss or the CEO ). If you are in camp A and already allow email access you may also be frequently scanning the net for the latest iPhone vulnerability and perhaps training employees on the use of Passcode Lock and Auto-Lock features. You are also probably getting requests for access to more company apps and data beyond just email. If you are in camp B. your probably comfortable with your existing BlackBerry or Windows Mobile support and can point to the 200+ security policies the BES server enables to assure security like remotely wipe the device and reduce the dependency on employees to assure compliance. Beyo... (more)

Ulitzer Launches Apple iPad New Media Site

iPad on Ulitzer Ulitzer.com, the first revolutionary "new media" platform in the world, announced today that a new  Ulitzer topic site, iPad (http://ipad.ulitzer.com), was launched today to provide the most comprehensive breaking news and blog coverage of iPad. iPad could potentially be the miracle which the newspaper industry is waiting for. Launch time authors and contributors to the new Ulitzer topic include: Maureen O'Gara, Bob Gourley, Salvatore Genovese, Wilson Kerr, Brandon Watson, Aditya Banerjee, Scott McKain, Bryan O'Rourke, Charles Jolley, Jeremy Geelan, Yeshim Deniz, and Elizabeth White. Ulitzer Live! New-Media Conference & Expo The first "Ulitzer New-Media Power Panel" took place at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California. Streamed live to 60,000 viewers via SYS-CON.TV, the panel was moderated by Jeremy Geelan. Geelan's guests in ... (more)

Brand Presence and the App Store

Recently I had the opportunity to address two groups of Corporate Developers that are targeting iPhone and iPad as a deployment platform for their Enterprise. During the seminars both myself and a few other Sybase colleagues covered such subjects as Management and Security of iOS devices through our integration with Apple's new MDM (Mobile Device Management) protocol along with unwiring enterprise data from heterogeneous back ends to primarily iOS devices, though others are also possible. This last point is achievable through the use of a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP), of which Sybase has the market leader in SUP or the Sybase Unwired Platform. During and after the events I was able to have several very interesting conversations with attendees from a wide variety of industries.... Finance. Utilities, Manufacturing, Medical and Services, to pick a few.... (more)

Netflix UI Guru To Present on Crafting Rich Web Interfaces

Over the last 24 years Bill Scott has been involved in the study of nuanced design in crafting rich interfaces, so who better at the 6th International AJAXWorld RIA Conference & Expo to address the topic "Crafting Rich Web Interfaces" than the UI and UX guru who is currently Director of User Interface Engineering at Netflix. In every field of design one of the first things students do is learn from the work of others. They study and break down real-world examples in order to understand the underlying principles and patterns that make for successful design. Then they learn to apply these to their own set of problems. The real trick is to apply them in a nuanced manner. To be nuanced is 'to be sensitive to delicate differences of style.' Most of the art in crafting a rich experience on the Web can be summed up with this one word - 'nuance'. Prior to joining Netflix, he... (more)

Ten Startups Debut At TechStars Demo Day

Editor’s note: The following on-the-ground report comes from Don Dodge, who blogs at The Next Big Thing and is a business development executive for Microsoft.  He is in Boulder, Colorado today attending TechStars demo day.  Much like Y Combinator (which had its own demo day last week)  and LaunchBox (which also had a recent demo day), TechStars is a startup incubator that selects 10 teams and provides funding of about $15,000 per team, as well as free office space, operational support, and mentoring from former entrepreneurs and business leaders. This is the second year for TechStars, and they have already had an acquisition. SocialThing was recently acquired by AOL..  The teams presented today to about 100 VCs and Angel investors for the first time. These companies are three to six months old and have two or three founder employees.  Here are Don’s notes on each o... (more)

Opinion: Do Google Android Mobile Apps Lack Consistency?

Remy Porter's Blog I love Open Source. It's a great way to develop software. But it has its weaknesses. One of the main weaknesses is consistency. Take a look at these Android apps. When you look at these applications for the Google backed smartphone OS, what you'll see is a complete lack of consistency in the look and feel of applications. I've done a little work with iPhone app development. I'm an avid user of a wide array of other iPhone apps. Apple provides a pretty standard set of UI widgets. There's some variation; the slider control looks different depending on where it's used, for example. Those variations are largely cosmetic. If you want to have tabs in your application, there's a built-in tab control. It rests at the bottom of the screen as a set of buttons. Every app that wants to have tabbed screens will use the same widget and the same family of control... (more)

Mailtrust to Provide Contact Sync Capabilities with iPhone

Mailtrust, the email division of Rackspace Hosting, announced their backup and synchronization capabilities with the iPhone. Mailtrust has released its new Noteworthy sync for iPhone tool, enabling customers to have access to their critical contact information on the go. Since the iPhone's launch in 2007, Mailtrust has provided both their Hosted Exchange and Noteworthy customers with email sync capabilities, with Hosted Exchange customers also having access to calendars, contacts, and tasks. Now Noteworthy users will also be able to synchronize their contacts. As with all iPhone apps, the Mailtrust Sync Application will be available for download from the iPhone App Store. After downloading, Mailtrust customers can sync contacts between their device and Mailtrust's Noteworthy platform in seconds. As Apple continues to develop tools to allow synchronization of other f... (more)

Counting to One Billion iPhone App Store Downloads

Apple’s App Store is getting ever closer to hitting the 1 Billion download milestone, check out http://www.apple.com/itunes/billion-app-countdown/ (in fact it is counting up). By my calculation it should reach its goal in the next few days or so and to be sure we will hear about it in the press! Seriously though, think about it, this feat is outstanding when you realize that the iTunes store took about 3 years to get to 1 Billion downloads and towards the end of 2008 the App Store was only just over 0.5 Billion. So where was the turning point? As far as I can tell, after the iPhone 3G appeared and the native SDK became available to the ever growing throng of developers, application submissions increased and downloads along with the amount of apps available. This increase in developers and applications, has in turn fed the interest and uptake even more in a self perpe... (more)

One Billion iPhone App Store Downloads Milestone Has Been Passed

This is a major milestone for an outstanding iconic Platform; from a company that always gives 100%... Apple... if they go into a market... they go into win! Since the iPhone was ‘born', we have seen many OS updates and two variants of the iPhone hardware... as well as a lot of consumer excitement, which is eventually coming to the Enterprise Mobility world. What can't be forgotten is that without the iPhone developers of this world, this would not have been possible. There are 35,000 applications on the App Store and each and every iPhone developer, that has either a free or chargeable application, should take a part of this celebration. We now look forward to the GA release of the iPhone 3.0 OS and the possibility of new enhanced hardware. Well done everyone. ... (more)