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I have been totally excited since the booking of the Moscone West by Apple for January 27 and believe, like most of the industry followers, that Apple will be announcing their tablet/slate device. Whilst digging around I came across this great video that shows how fantastic such a device could be used in the areas of education and show some innovations that such a device could bring to students in the new decade. Could we now be on the edge of a totally e-classroom, that not only allows the student to carry e-books etc (such as in the video) but allows electronic submission of work and central management of timetables & attendance etc? If I believe what my iPhone 'Spidy' Sense is telling me, I think January 27 will bring added support for the new device, to the iPhone/Cocoa SDK and with so many apps already out there on the Apple App Store, the new device will sure... (more)

Ulitzer Launches Apple iPad New Media Site

iPad on Ulitzer Ulitzer.com, the first revolutionary "new media" platform in the world, announced today that a new  Ulitzer topic site, iPad (http://ipad.ulitzer.com), was launched today to provide the most comprehensive breaking news and blog coverage of iPad. iPad could potentially be the miracle which the newspaper industry is waiting for. Launch time authors and contributors to the new Ulitzer topic include: Maureen O'Gara, Bob Gourley, Salvatore Genovese, Wilson Kerr, Brandon Watson, Aditya Banerjee, Scott McKain, Bryan O'Rourke, Charles Jolley, Jeremy Geelan, Yeshim Deniz, and Elizabeth White. Ulitzer Live! New-Media Conference & Expo The first "Ulitzer New-Media Power Panel" took place at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California. Streamed live to 60,000 viewers via SYS-CON.TV, the panel was moderated by Jeremy Geelan. Geelan's guests in ... (more)

AJAX World RIA Conference - Ubiquitous Computing Using Flex

Nicholas Thomas, co-founder and COO of Finicity, believes that Flex + AIR via any desktop + Mobile (in one or more technical forms) can take us a step towards the vision that Mark Weiser presented in his original works on ubiquitous computing. As the primary client for a consumer web-based SaaS product, Flex has both advantages and disadvantages, according to Thomas. Thomas will be sharing his experience in migrating from AJAX to Flex at the 6th International AJAXWorld RIA Conference & Expo in San Jose, CA - Octovber 20-22, 2008. Thomas served as Finicity's Chief Technology Officer for over 6 years. Prior to co-founding Finicity, he managed Bluetooth research and development programs at 3Com's Wireless Group and served on the Management Board of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group representing 3Com and Palm. He received a BS in Electrical Engineering, an MBA from Br... (more)

The Rise of the Government App Store

In a recent post to the CCIF mailing list, Bob Marcus outlined the coming opportunties and challenges facing what he described as "Government Cloud Storefronts". In the post he described Vivek Kundra's (US Federal CIO) vision for the creation of a government Cloud Storefront. This Storefront (run by GSA) which will be launched Sept 9th and will make Cloud resources (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) available to agencies with in the US federal Government. (an $80+ Billion a year IT organization). What's also interesting is the US isn't alone in the vision of centralized access points for procuring Cloud services and related applications. Several other governments including the United Kingdom G-Cloud app store and the Japanese Kasumigaseki Cloud are attempting to do the same with Japan spending upwards of 250 million dollars on their initiative. Kundra, speaking at a recent conference... (more)

Mobilizing Enterprise Data to Apple's iOS devices

During the second half of 2010 I was lucky enough to have been given access to an internal engineering build of the Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) that supported iOS devices in addition to Blackberry and Windows Mobile. Check out SUP here SUP is a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP), which in my opinion and also of folks like Gartner, is the only way forward in multiple application mobilization and multiple device support. SUP abstracts the data access and Business Logic into Mobile Business Objects (MBO's) that take care of accessing, updating and deleting back end data. That data could be from files, corporate RDMS and other 3rd party systems such as SAP. At that time I already had been using SUP for over a year and had experience of building MBO's and using SUP's fantastic Device Application Designer (DAD) to build apps for Blackberry in a very RAD point... (more)

Enomaly Offers Web Hosts Turnkey Cloud App Storefront

Enomaly has announced plans to offer cloud service providers and web hosts a path to increased revenue by offering a turnkey cloud app store platform. The enhanced offering is part of Enomaly's Elastic Computing platform a private cloud  computing product aimed at enterprises, carriers and hosting providers, that want to benefit from the power, flexibility, and economies of cloud computing. The App Center enables service providers the ability to quickly monitize their cloud and hosting environments by publish pre-built cloud applications directly to customers, either for free or with an additional cost. Cloud customers can directly provision VMs on the cloud from a library of pre-existing virtual application images through an easy to use web dashboard. Enomaly's Cloud Service Provider edition extends our core ECP platform, already used by 15000 organizations around... (more)

The Mobile Web: It's About Footprint

The mobile web's momentum continues unabated with Google's acquisition of AdMob and Apple's Shocking Numbers for iPhone app usage. The whole thing is reminiscent of the introduction of the IBM PC back in 1981(?). Brief memory lane diversion: I sold my first PC system in 1982 and it ran a company's whole accounting system off a single 5.25 inch floppy drive. But reminiscent only in a far-off, Stewart McKienoreply@blogger.com0 ... (more)

Connect with Your Customers by Marketing with Meaning

The old interruptive model of marketing doesn’t work. We know that. So, how do we marketers make meaningful connections with our customers through marketing that is truly valuable to their lives? Marketing strategist Bob Gilbreath’s new concept, Marketing with Meaning, represents the next evolutionary step in a progression following direct marketing and permission marketing. In his new book called The Next Evolution of Marketing: Connect with Your Customers by Marketing with Meaning Bob outlines a model for developing meaningful marketing and then highlights many examples on how the model can be tailored to any company, large or small. Rather than pushing a product or service, Marketing with Meaning woos customers by offering them something of value independent of purchase. I have invited Bob Gilbreath to get an insider look into his book The Next Evolution of Marke... (more)

Geek My Reality Show...Cool!

Having been the lone male in my house for a long time, I get outvoted on many things, but especially the TV. Luckily I am proud to say that I am a tech/gadget geek, as well as an admirer and part-time developer for iPhone, so I sometimes retire to my study in the evenings to investigate tech trends & code. One thing that crossed my mind a few months ago is the distinct lack of tech shows on TV, especially for the coolest and most talked about device around.... the iPhone. I thought to myself..."Wouldn't it be cool to tune into the Discovery Channel and see a documentary on an iPhone Development or have a series of programs explain and teach iPhone Development?". Well Sunday December 6,  saw the launch of a seven day on-line event that nearly fits my ideas. Whilst my family have tuned into such programs as "Big Brother" and "I'm a Celebrity, get me out of here!", I... (more)

Authors Capture Inspiration When It Strikes With FastPencil iPhone App

FastPencil on Friday announced the availability of its free mobile authoring application allowing iPhone and iPod touch users to capture inspiration anywhere. The FastPencil (www.fastpencil.com) mobile app enables authors to read, write and work on books hosted at the free FastPencil publishing platform whenever and wherever they want. Mobile authoring, an emerging confluence of mobile technology and creative content generation, mobilizes authors like never before. FastPencil's mobile app lets on-the-go authors use their iPhone to easily capture and organize inspiration within their FastPencil book projects and edit their books anytime. Authors can now collaborate with reviewers and editors on the fly and connect with their community all while the book is safely and securely stored in the author's FastPencil account. "Jack London once wrote, 'You can't wait for ins... (more)

The iPad As The Door Opener for Bring Your Own Computer " BYOC "

iPad For Business Beyond the hype the of the iPad by Apple lovers and the nay sayers who say "who needs it " the iPad is likely to impact company IT practice more than anticipated. For many CIO's and IT Directors there is a growing interest in minimizing the expense and support of endpoint devices. Many companies have taken the fist step to allow access to company apps from unmanaged home PC's utilizing Application and/or Desktop Virtualization, however very few have taken the leap to allow employees to really bring there own computer to work "BYOC". The reasons for the hesitancy typically revolve around security, compliance, local data and risk to internal networks. These concerns have been reason enough for most companies to not to move beyond where they are today. The policy is either a company provided PC/Laptop only, or the next level of enablement allowing ... (more)