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iPad on Ulitzer Ulitzer.com, the first revolutionary "new media" platform in the world, announced today that a new  Ulitzer topic site, iPad (http://ipad.ulitzer.com), was launched today to provide the most comprehensive breaking news and blog coverage of iPad. iPad could potentially be the miracle which the newspaper industry is waiting for. Launch time authors and contributors to the new Ulitzer topic include: Maureen O'Gara, Bob Gourley, Salvatore Genovese, Wilson Kerr, Brandon Watson, Aditya Banerjee, Scott McKain, Bryan O'Rourke, Charles Jolley, Jeremy Geelan, Yeshim Deniz, and Elizabeth White. Ulitzer Live! New-Media Conference & Expo The first "Ulitzer New-Media Power Panel" took place at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California. Streamed live to 60,000 viewers via SYS-CON.TV, the panel was moderated by Jeremy Geelan. Geelan's guests in ... (more)

M-Lifestyle Is Now a Reality

Mobile applications and the Mobile Web are undeniably now part of our lifestyle. Ask yourself... Could you think of not having your device at hand 24x7? Now, I am not suggesting that folks are addicted to their devices, as addiction suggests 'total dependency, to the detriment of everything else', but the line is getting very blurred for the most of us that interact with mobile systems whilst mobile. Thankfully the majority of mobile users do not go that far and the fact is that the benefits of the Mobile Lifestyle we all enjoy, totally enhance our daily lives. This is not specific to any age range either: young and old alike now have a huge range of services and power at their fingertips. What are we doing now on our Converged Mobile Devices (CMDs) or Smartphones? (I tend to use this term CMD now, as these devices are firstly more mobile complex and powerful compute... (more)

One Billion iPhone App Store Downloads Milestone Has Been Passed

This is a major milestone for an outstanding iconic Platform; from a company that always gives 100%... Apple... if they go into a market... they go into win! Since the iPhone was ‘born', we have seen many OS updates and two variants of the iPhone hardware... as well as a lot of consumer excitement, which is eventually coming to the Enterprise Mobility world. What can't be forgotten is that without the iPhone developers of this world, this would not have been possible. There are 35,000 applications on the App Store and each and every iPhone developer, that has either a free or chargeable application, should take a part of this celebration. We now look forward to the GA release of the iPhone 3.0 OS and the possibility of new enhanced hardware. Well done everyone. ... (more)

iPhone Developer Summit 2009 West - Call for Papers

From a starting-point of just over 500 when it launched in July 2008, Apple's App Store already has about 30,000 applications available and downloads have surpassed 1 billion. So it's no surprise that SYS-CON's iPhone Developer Summit, already in its third year, has been receiving many excellent proposals from qualified expert speakers for the upcoming West coast event, being held September 22-23 in San Francisco. The submission URL for speaking proposals is here. For those who are trying to stake a claim for greater prominence in the iPhone app economy, this is an excellent event to speak at. Submissions on the most timely aspects of iPhone development as well as iPhone applications are currently welcome, including those on subjects such as: Web Development for iPhone SDK Development for iPhone iPhone Development tools 101 How do I get my iPhone Application accepted ... (more)

Technology Predictions for 2010

New Year 2010 on Ulitzer It's that time of year again, so I am sharing some thoughts about what 2010 should entail for technology. Here are some leading technology experts who share their valuable insights. Richard MacManus, Founder & CEO, @rww 1. There will be a breakthrough consumer application for Internet of Things - involving the iPhone, RFID tags and a major consumer product such as books or groceries. In general, Internet of Things will ramp up in 2010, with thousands more everyday objects becoming connected to the Internet. 2. Google will acquire PostRank and promptly consign it to the same graveyard Feedburner went to. 3. Microsoft will acquire Wolfram|Alpha and Bing will continue to make small gains in the search market. Google will be distracted by increasing consumer complaints about content farms polluting Google search results. 4. A price war will erup... (more)

Barbie the Coder

So the big news last week was the latest “occupation” for Barbie is a computer engineer, whatever that means (I guess let the perennial hardware versus software debates begin). Maybe it is time to retire that “math class is hard” speech chip once and for all and replace it with some often-used Linux shell commands. Or maybe this should be a lesson for our daughters: persevere past the polynomials, and you too can code. Or design circuits. Personally, I am glad to seek Geek Barbie, with her hot pink netbook and matching Bluetooth headset. (And what is up with all the different Bluetooth headsets on 24, anyway? Didn’t anyone at CTU’s IT department get involved?) It is about time. We need role models wherever we can find them in the popular culture. And while you might have issues with Barbie’s unrealistic and unobtainable, ahem, dimensions, the fact remains that she ha... (more)

Exploring the different motivations for writing iPhone apps

I though I would spend some time and explore the different motivations for writing iPhone Applications, so I went about talking to a number of local iPhone Developers that I know and I have filtered down the results. First thing to say is that iPhone Developers do not just fall into one of these pots, but a combination of many. Here is the list, in no particular order... Getting to grips with a new language - Objective-C & Cocoa Touch. Where the developer is already a software development professional in their 9-5, but in a different development language Creating cool games - That utilize the device and Operating System capabilities Creating productive applications - That save the users time and effort Pushing the Limits - Of the device & apps that have gone before Using the coolest device - Well this reason has to be in the list! Becoming famous - Standing out amongst ... (more)

Journey to the iPad Launch: Day #2 - T minus 4

iPad for Business iPad - T minus 4 days... Fuel Up with Liquid Oxygen and Hydrogen. Ever since it hit the market, press & analysts have been suggesting that the iPhone 'Killer' is just around the corner... well we are still waiting. There have been pretenders to the crown, but fragmentation & new releases have seriously hampered any attempt to knock the iPhone off its top spot! IMHO, the best of at least 4 Mobile OS/Devices... iPhone Android Blackberry Windows Mobile The introduction of the iPad only goes to strengthen the hold of the iPhone on the market and will certainly bring Apple hardware into places that 'no man has gone before' ... (more)

Journey to the iPad Launch: Day #3 - T minus 3

iPad on Ulitzer iPad - T minus 3 days... A Built-in Hold Begins... I'm guessing that the devices, have made the majority of their journey now and are being held in locations near to the final delivery point by UPS. This is something that Apple have achieved before, but will some sneak through?.. we will have to wait & see. What is the key to success of the iPhone & soon the iPad? I would define it as 'The Mobile Trinity' of... Hardware Operating System Software Distribution ...only Apple hold all three and they are masters of this. We have seen in the last 6-12 months others trying to emulate one or two of these, but not all three & that is why they never will be able to match the success! ... (more)

Need Help Choosing a Wine? There's an App for That.

San Francisco, CA, June 30, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Hello Vino takes the difficulty out of buying wine by delivering personalized recommendations to your iPhone or iPod Touch. The free app, available through iTunes, selects the perfect type of wine to go with a meal or occasion, or to give as a gift. Wine shoppers need only install the app, and answer a few simple questions to get a specific wine recommendation. Hello Vino offers wine consumers an easy way to make an educated wine purchase both in the store and at a restaurant. New features include detailed wine reviews from Certified Specialists of Wine (CSW) and sommeliers certified by the Master Court of Sommeliers. Additional features within Hello Vino include a search engine powered by Wine.com, with the ability to share wines on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Hello Vino has served over 5.5 million wine br... (more)

Consolidated Database Creation

Though the title of this article is about the Consolidated Database, I will be discussing equally the Remote database. But before let me recap on Synchronization... Synchronization is the sharing of data between consolidated and remote databases, where a summary of changes are synchronized instead of all changes. The Synchronization process can provide subsets of data defined by client or server and supports Bidirectional and unidirectional synchronization, with the guarantee of data consistency. Data is downloaded to the remote database and Data is uploaded to the consolidated database. For uploads change tracking is built into the remote database/client and ONLY changes since the last complete synchronization are sent. Download data is selected from the consolidated database based on synchronization scripts. With SUP these scripts are created automatically but ... (more)